Which one are you?

February 12, 2024

Aries: @langosteria

Dynamic Aries, known for their vibrant energy, will relish in the lively atmosphere of Langosteria Café. With its theatrical open kitchen and an extensive array of fresh seafood, this restaurant provides the perfect stage for Aries to dive into a culinary adventure.

Taurus: @bulgarihotels

Indulging in the luxurious haven of Bulgari Hotel, Taurus finds solace in the meticulously curated surroundings. The hotel's discreet opulence and contemporary Italian design cater to Taurus' appreciation for refined elegance and the finer aspects of life.

Gemini: @lubar

For the ever-adaptable Geminis, Lù Bar offers an eclectic journey through its diverse cocktail menu. The vibrant fusion of flavors and the bar's dynamic ambiance provide the perfect setting for Geminis to express their multifaceted personalities.

Cancer: @santambroeus

Nurturing Cancer will feel at home in the comforting embrace of Sant Ambroeus. This intimate spot, steeped in tradition, serves up authentic Italian cuisine in a cozy setting, appealing to Cancer's desire for familiar flavors and a warm atmosphere.

Leo: Bar Basso

Bar Basso, renowned for its historic legacy and signature Negroni Sbagliato, reflects the bold and charismatic presence of a Leo. The lively ambiance and iconic cocktails provide the perfect backdrop for Leos to bask in the spotlight.

Virgo: @marchesi1824

Virgos, known for their attention to detail, will appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship at Marchesi 1824. This historic pastry shop, with its delicate pastries and classic Italian charm, caters to Virgo's refined taste and appreciation for precision.

Libra: @giacomo_milano

Giacomo Milano's stylish interiors and diverse menu strike a harmonious balance, appealing to Libras' desire for equilibrium. This cosmopolitan restaurant provides a sophisticated setting for Libras to indulge in their love for variety.

Scorpio: @ghoteletdemilan

The timeless elegance of Grand Hotel et de Milan resonates with Scorpio's mysterious and intense nature. With its historic charm and luxurious accommodations, the hotel provides Scorpios with a sanctuary that mirrors their charisma.

Sagittarius: @armanihotel_milano

Sagittarians, drawn to adventure and luxury, will find a kindred spirit in the contemporary elegance of Armani Hotel. The sleek design and cosmopolitan atmosphere cater to Sagittarius' sophisticated taste and desire for an exhilarating experience.

Capricorn: @casaciprianimilano

Casa Cipriani, nestled in the historic Palazzo Bernasconi, appeals to the traditional and exclusive tastes of Capricorns. This classic venue reflects the Capricornian sense of tradition and accomplishment, providing a refined setting for their discerning palate.

Aquarius: @10corsocomo

For the visionary and quirky Aquarians, 10 Corso Como serves as a creative haven. This multifaceted concept store, gallery, and restaurant complex caters to Aquarius' eclectic tastes and innovative spirit, creating an avant-garde experience.

Pisces: @vestafiorichiari

The intimate ambiance of Vesta, with its creative culinary offerings, resonates with the dreamy and artistic nature of Pisces. This hidden gem provides a poetic escape for the sign to immerse themselves in a world of imaginative flavors.