Absofuckinglutely Carrie Bradshaw approved

February 10, 2021

@barneysny: When Charlotte decides to volunteer for the blind, she gets ready for the undertake by wearing a Burberry‑plaid sleep mask and wandering around this luxury department store (unfortunately now closed) with Carrie, who gets easily distracted by a sale in the shoe department.

@pastisnyc: Carrie refers to Pastis as “the only restaurant that seemed to exist” in NYC when she was dating the “Russian.” She once enjoyed brunch at this French bistro in his company and that of a couple of his snobbish friends.

@buddakannyc: Big and Carrie host their rehearsal dinner at this upscale Asian restaurant. It’s exactly here where Miranda tells Big “You two are crazy to get married. Marriage ruins everything.” Such remark prompts Big to leave Carrie at the altar in the first SATC movie.

@sohohouse: Samantha tries to get past the waiting list and into the rooftop pool at this members‑only club with a false ID she found in the restroom of the hotel. She’s later found out and kicked out along with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Stanford.

@theplazahotel: Big and Natasha host their engagement party at the iconic The Plaza Hotel, the same place Big once accompanied Carrie to the wedding of Miranda’s interior decorator, during which he impertinently takes a call in the middle of Carrie’s congratulatory speech.

@cafeterianyc: This is the hot spot where the four friends can be seen dining for brunch during most of their chats about men, sex and everything else.

@taodowntown: Carrie attends the opening night of this Asian restaurant known for its nightlife while dating jazz club owner Ray King. When she gets there, she ends up finding herself on an awkward triple date with Big and a model, and Samantha and her lesbian lover Maria.

@raoulsrestaurantnyc: In the first SATC movie, Carrie and Miranda spend Valentine’s Day at this French bistro when Miranda finally finds the courage to spill the beans about telling Big he was crazy to get married during the rehearsal dinner.

@il_cantinori_restaurant: Carrie ends up celebrating her 35th birthday alone at this Greenwich Village Italian restaurant after her friends and Big all have excuses as to why they can’t make it to the dinner that night.