Which one are you?

March 24, 2023

Scorpio: @indochinenyc

Intense and mysterious just like the sexy atmosphere and subdued lights pervading Indochine, Scorpios would immediately feel at home in this exotic 80s-era French-Vietnamese spot. Major plus: you can't go wrong wearing black from head to toe.

Cancer: @jackswifefreda

A warm caress or soft embrace, any Jack's Wife Freda location embodies a return to the origins of shared home cooked family meals and Mediterranean comfort food. Exactly what every Cancerian living life in the fast lane needs for a break.

Pisces: @buvettenyc

Every Pisces you encounter has that quaint je ne sais quoi that you can't quite grasp. Their easy-going, old soul personality fits effortlessly in a place like Buvette where they are teleported back in time and eventually rejoined with their imaginative and emotional side.

Aquarius: @lucienz

Usually the coolest one in the room, Aquarius is as unique and eccentric as the crowd at Lucien, though quite known to have a bit of a reputation for being cold, aloof and somewhat detached—exactly the French way.

Gemini: @ledivenyc

Bubbly and social like the ambience at Le Dive, Gemini loves a good night out chatting with friends and strangers over a glass of Margarita and shared small plates. You'll probably see them wandering around from seating to bar counter, table to table.

Libra: @santambroeus

Lover of aesthetics and all things beautiful, Libra probably obsesses over Sant Ambroeus branding and packaging more than anyone else. The Milanese-born restaurant's signature pastel pink obviously makes their heart flutter—they are ruled by Venus after all.

Taurus: @estelanyc

Chillaxed Taurus craves comfort, sensuality, and extravagance all at once. Estela's intimate and earthy setting paired with its scrumptious servings make any Taurus' stubbornness melt away as they'll feel grounded in their element.

Virgo: @king.newyork

The incredible attention to detail carried throughout the whole of King restaurant can only be the result of the two female chefs at the helm. Any perfectionist Virgo will finally find it hard to be picky and critical for once in their lifetime.

Capricorn: @thepolobar

Classy and high-end like The Polo Bar, Capricorns don't like to fuck around when it comes to picking the right spot for dinner. Sophistication and timelessness are their keywords together with ambition and hard work. Let them ultimately enjoy that steak they have so much busted their ass for.

Leo: @balthazarny

Always basking in the spotlight like Balthazar and its owner—who guess what? Also a Leo—fiery Leos can't live life without ever making a scene or dramatic appearance. Theatrical in nature, the kings and queens of the jungle can't even be tamed by Balthazar's famed Ginger-Citrus tea concoction.

Aries: @barpitti_official

Loud like the vibes at Bar Pitti and confident like its OG Italian pasta dishes, Aries thrives in passionate and high energy environments. The direct, no muss no fuss MO of Pitti's staff is exactly the way any Aries approaches life.

Sagittarius: @esquinanyc

The most spunky and curious sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is regularly down for an adventure and that starts with choosing a type of cuisine that is foreign to their usual standards. An order of pork belly tacos from La Esquina will definitely do.